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The Require Process For Every Project

H2D Project Development Life Cycle

Whether it is a house renovation, interior design, woodworks, wet works, or other services project such as masonry and tiling, in How2Design, we reduce all your burden, save your energy and time, because we will be the one who handles all of the works, make things done, meanwhile ensure the entire process is as smooth as it needs.

On the other hand, we also guarantee your engagement in every phase of the project, so that you will aware and know each of the progress.

Our project development life cycle is shown below: 

  • Requirement analysis:
    In this phase, our sales consultant will go through all of your possible requirements and analyse through meetings and discussions to find the best fit for your house's design, this includes all of the necessary budget estimation and time planning.

  • Design:
    In this phase, the requirement specification from the previous phase would then be studied by our design team, at the same time, our designers will begin designing the project if necessary.
    This phase helps in defining the requirements and so the overall project architecture in detail, for example, the types of material or the colour.  
    Our consultant will also be going through the materials selection with you at our showroom of our partner's showroom.

  • Development/Construction:
    Here is where the physical works begin. A project coordinator will be attached to your project, to assist you through the hectic schedule. Additionally our team(s) leader will be around to assist at site as well. We shall start to perform the works based on your requirements and the design from our design team. Noted that different works might be executed concurrently by different teams, for example, woodworks by carpentry team and wet works by operation team.

  • Deployment:
    After the required works for the project have been done, our project coordinator will arrange a walk through to finalise everything is in place and the final results will be deployed (Handover) to you. Here is your last evaluation phase of the project, however, to achieve your highest satisfaction, we encourage you to involve in all the previous phases to avoid any unnecessary changes that will delay the project timeline.

  • Maintenance:
    If there are issues that arise after the project has been deployed to your environment, we will provide maintenance to fix those issues.

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