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Fengshui has been applied to many elements of life and lifestyle, meanwhile it is commonly practiced in interior design to create balance and positive energy within lived environments. We collaborate with the Feng Shui consulting company to provide you a varied range of feng shui services such as interior residential assessment, Bazi numerology analysis, naming, and auspicious date selection.

Fengshui Consulting

An Ancient Science in Life

Fengshui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that in fact is a multidisciplinary natural science involving cosmic astrology, geophysics, hydrogeology, environmental landscape science, architecture, ecology, and human life information.

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Fengshui Services

For the residential house, including HDB of 3 rooms, 4 rooms, 5 rooms flat, EC and condominium.

Analyze your Bazi graph and four pillars for better comprehension of your destiny, recognizing your strength, weakness, and potential.

Use the lunar schedule to check for auspicious dates as well as what dates it's ideal to accomplish something.

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