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Worry about neatness and cleanliness? Hiring experienced cleaner and maid with us to keep your home clean, tidy, as well as dust-free.

Cleaning Service

Clear The Dirty, Clean The Space.

Floors mopped or vacuumed

Surfaces wiped down

Trash and rubbish emptied

Bathroom scrubbed and cleaned

Visible items arranged

Mirror, washbasin, and faucets wiped

Kitchen wiped down, dishes washed, countertop scrubbed

Clothes ironing

Miscellaneous task can be requested

Cleaning Service

Common cleaning services are shown as following:

Contact Us Now!

We can deliver the service based on your requirement.

Ad Hoc Package


- Basic cleaning service

- One-time jobs

Recurring Package


- Basic cleaning service

- Weekly jobs

Cleaning Pricing Package

All of our cleaners and maids have a legal work permit and are licensed to perform cleaning jobs. You are welcome to view their identification documents, be rest assured and let us handle the duties.

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